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Enjoy Ava’s Newest Release

Hey Friends!
Today, the final volume of The Dare Valley Meets Paris Mini-Series is out! I’ve been so grateful to all of you for opening up your hearts to Evan and Margie’s love story and for sharing my love of Dare Valley and Paris. This has been a special writing adventure for me, and it’s been delightful to hear how much you’ve enjoyed it.
With this volume, Evan returns to Dare Valley to win Margie’s heart. THE BILLIONAIRE’S RETURN has some of my favorite moments in it. Enjoy!
Margie Lancaster has traveled home to Dare Valley with a broken heart. Her time with Evan Michaels had to end since the opening of her new bakery is just around the corner. But Evan isn’t finished with his Pocket Venus. He returns to Dare Valley in all his billionaire alpha glory determined to find a way to keep Margie and the true love between them—even after all the secrets he kept from her. As he attempts to forge a life for himself in the small town, can Margie overcome her tragic past enough to find her happily ever after with Evan? And can Evan discover his true happiness again by re-inventing himself before all the money and glory got in the way?
If you somehow missed the other three volumes, the Dare Valley Meets Paris mini-series begins with THE BILLIONAIRE’S GAMBLE. **This is not a Standalone Contemporary Romance. It is a four-part mini-series with cliffhangers!**

Books in this mini-series include:
I did a lot of book research in Paris for this mini-series. Look for some fun stuff on Facebook and Twitter.
The entire mini-series will be out in print fyi. Look for it soon!
COUNTRY HEAVEN is now out in audio (no iTunes yet), and the rest of Dare River will soon follow. Who’s excited? I am! You can find it at Amazon or Audible.
Check out the entire Dare Valley series in audio.
The next book won’t be out until November, but I am working on it. THE PROMISE OF RAINBOWS is Jake and Susannah’s story. It’s good to be back in Dare River again.
Lots of light and joy,


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