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Enjoy Ava’s Newest Releases

tpi_cover_final_200AT LAST! THE PERFECT INGREDIENT, the newest Dare Valley book is out! You all have been waiting for Chef Terrance Waters and Elizabeth Saunders since they reunited in THE PARK OF SUNSET DREAMS. Well, it’s been worth the wait, let me tell you. One of my reviewers said the food was so good in this book she almost ate her Kindle. Others have told me they laughed like crazy (especially through one special section inspired by a real event in my life involving dancing—just wait). And still others have said they cried buckets—in the best way possible. Music to my ears.

THE PERFECT INGREDIENT is now available at all major retailers.Get your copy today!

So many of you have been waiting for the children’s book, THE CHOCOLATE GARDEN: A MAGICAL TALE, the companion to my fictional novel in the Dare River series by the same name (well not the magical tale side). Well, HERE IT IS!

cover_finalI started this project in July when the story literally came in a flash of inspiration. I didn’t know anything about doing a children’s book, but that’s never stopped me before. I asked around. I received tremendous help and support. I was able to finally find an illustrator halfway around the world who could bring my words to life with his drawings. If you can believe it, Ivan Sainovic, the illustrator, grew up with my best friend in Europe.

The story has the flavor of what Tammy and John Parker tell Rory and Annabelle in THE CHOCOLATE GARDEN, but it is a stand-alone story available in print and ebook. Here’s more about it:

The chocolate fairies are here…
and they’re bent on saving Molly and Kevin from the scary dog next door!
Good thing Molly and Kevin’s mom knows the greatest gardening secret in the world. Chocolate fairies live in chocolate-colored plants. They make chocolate in their chocolate garden every night and protect boys and girls from harm with their magical chocolate powder.

And of course, Molly and Kevin get to eat the chocolate the chocolate fairies make.

Come along with Molly and Kevin on a magical adventure, and step into the world of the chocolate fairies and one unforgettable chocolate garden.

Buy it now at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

Thanks for reading. You guys support means the world to me. 

Lots of light and blessing,