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Welcome! This year started off with a bang, and I hope it continues. NORA ROBERS LAND landed (hah, had to give into the pun) on the USA Today Bestseller’s list right next to Nicholas Sparks. Nicholas Sparks! I had to say it was one of those great moments and confirmed quitting my old career of rebuilding war zones was the right thing to do (yes, there’s a lot of me in my first hero, Tanner McBride, the war correspondent).

I’ve loved hearing from all of you about how much you’ve fallen in love with The Dare Valley series and all of the wonderful and sometimes zanny characters that live in the small town. Can we say Jill Hale, the sassy owner of the town coffee shop, Don’t Soy with Me? Dare Valley is so much like the small town in the Midwest where my family is from, a community-driven haven that possess a Main Street dotted with brick buildings. My family runs the newspaper there–something started back in 1892 when my great-great grandpa won his first newspaper in a poker game. I love men who have a sense of adventure, and it’s been fun to introduce the bad-boy country singer, Rye Crenshaw, into the series, who has that spirit and then some.

But Rye likes center stage, and not only did he demand his own book, he demanded his own series. He has a family too, you know. There are nothing like the Hale’s of Dare Valley, Colorado, but they have captured my heart. This new series is called Dare River, which is set right outside of Nashville, Tennessee (the heart of country music), and it’s now out for y’all to read. Okay, the y’all part doesn’t come easy to me, but I lived in the South for some time, so I can swing it when it’s called for. J

COUNTRY HEAVEN, the first book in the Dare River series combines two things I love: food and country music. Oh, and mega-steamy country music singers of the male variety. I wrote thirteen country music songs for the novel and nearly a dozen cookbook entries with personal and family recipes. Don’t read this one on an empty stomach, let me tell you.

I hope you continue to enjoy The Dare Valley and Dare River series as much as I do. Thanks again for stopping by. I’d love for you to sign up for my newsletter so I can keep you posted about upcoming titles. I’m also on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest, so I hope you’ll join the conversation there as well. There’s always a fun giveaway or event going on, so don’t miss out.

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